Commissioning a Portrait

When clients commission artwork, Nicholas prefers to work as closely as possible with them before the painting begins. He likes to have several meetings to discuss what the individual is looking for and build upon ideas they have for the paintings. After using his input to guide and develop the ideas, he develops a series of thumbnail designs for the paintings and, subject to approval, work commences.

For commissioned art from life

For painting from life the work will usually require ten to fifteen sittings with the client either in Nicholas’ studio or (subject to lighting) in an environment of their choice. The number of sittings also depends on the size of the painting or drawing and the requirements of the client.

For commissioned art from a photo

After agreeing on an idea from thumbnail sketches, the client will then be photographed either in Nicholas’ studio or in an environment of their choice. The photos will be taken by Nicholas himself as he will need to be able to source and control the ideal lighting situations and the pose. The painting or drawing will then take between four and eight weeks to complete depending on its size and requirements. The client is free to come and view the painting’s progress at any time during this process.


An indicative price can be given upon enquiry, based on dimensions and requirements of the client.

A price is then provided once a design or an idea for the direction the painting or drawing will take and the number of sittings has been agreed.

Payment terms would be agreed to suit budgets and include 40% being paid on appointment and the rest being paid upon completion of the commission.

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